raising the profile of music by women


INTRODUCTION - do I qualify?

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The Trust is active in raising the profile of women composers by funding people who promote their music to the widest possible circle; it is not primarily a fund for new commissions and lays particular emphasis on historical women.

It supports people giving concerts, making recordings, radio or television programmes, or publishing music and books in ways that significantly bring attention to this repertoire. Deceased women need more promotion; as well as ignorance of what they've writtem, they are not here to network now; concerned about neglect, we must be their champions. The proposals could include unfamiliar works and performances in new places, so long as the project widens the circle of people hearing or knowing about it, and with the aim of fuelling interest in this work.

The ACT supports projects that fit this agenda, notably developing appreciation of work by women now dead, but does not underwrite losses.

Applications will be judged on the degree to which the project meet the objectives of the Trust. Priority will be given to applications that follow the Guidelines. The Trust is keen to revive and develop familiarity with music written by women composers of the past and plans to put the majority of its funds to those ends.

Previous grants can be seen on the History page.

Please consider the following questions:

1. Does your project include one or more pieces of music by a woman composer?

2. Are you performing in a situation which does not normally include such repertoire?

3. How are you drawing attention to the special qualities of this music?

4. Can you demonstrate a track record in your previous activities, and future plans in promoting music by women composers?

5. Take on board our strap line - how does your project raise the profile of women composers? Tell us about your publicity plans: how many people will hear this music? How many people will hear about this music? How are you going to use the media, and the social media?

The scheme is open to any individual or organisation involved in the performance of music by women. Awards are made four times a year, on a competitive basis, to an annual total of £40,000. Typically a grant will be between £500 and £3,000.

If you feel you can give a satisfactory answer to all these questions, check out the Grant-Making Policy.

This is an interview with
Michael Absalom at the Olympia Show organised by business4better, July 2013 -
Diana Ambache talks about the purpose of the Trust.