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Recordings to celebrate the world of the oboe

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This page also looks at what is in the CD booklets that cannot be found on the net.

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Telemann 12 solo Fantasias

20,000 words and
20 performances on divers instruments

Performers selected from a Telemann Fantasias competition
There are sound clips of 15 different instruments, and videos here A new CD, yet to be reviewed. The booklet has 52 pages (in a DVD box) with a 20,000-word discussion on topics such as the first publication, instrumentation, style, forms, tempi and time signatures, dynamics, articulation and phrasing, as well as a detailed analysis of each Fantasia.

Vive la différence
mid-20th Century music from Britain and France

Anthony Robb (flute) Jeremy Polmear (oboe) Michael Bell (piano)

"Delightful; subtle, intelligent and idiomatic."
Double Reed News
The booklet includes a discussion on British and French music of the period and the differences and influences on each other.

Rutland Boughton
'for Joyance'

The complete oboe chamber music

Mark Baigent (oboe)
and chamber ensemble
Quartet 1
Quartet 2
Passing of the Faerie
"Mark Baigent captures the character of Boughton's music perfectly, playing with a beautiful sound and many insightful nuances." George Caird The booklet contains information about Rutland Boughton and his daughter Joy not available elsewhere, by Boughton's grandson Ian Boughton.

Blue Bamboo
jazz and other improvisations

Melinda Maxwell (oboe)
with piano, bass and drums
Group Impro
Varese Blues
Bye-Ya (Monk)
L'Amour de Piroutcha
(Olivier Messiaen)

At the recording
"A great artist at the peak of her powers."
John Harle, Double Reed News
The booklet includes an essay by Melinda Maxwell on improvisation.

The Best of British

The Gelächter Trio
Emma McGovern (oboe)
Sarah Smith (clarinet)
Lois Au (bassoon)
Cecilia McDowall -
Ghost Dance
Timothy Salter -
Andrew Wilson -
Marc Yeats -
Dark Gravity

video: Ghost Dance
"One couldn't ask for better performances...
full of inventive spirit."
BBC Music Magazine
This is the first Oboe Classics CD to be in a digipak; it looks cool, and detailed programme notes are available at

Great Goossens
Favourite recordings of Léon Goossens that had disappeared from the catalogues, plus tracks making their first appearance.

Cimarosa Concerto
Bach Easter Oratorio
Senaillé: Cotillon
Eugene Goossens Concerto
R Strauss Concerto
bonus videos: Jig & Where'er you walk
"The recordings on this disc are truly legendary... the result is artistry of incomparable quality, well transferred."
Musical Opinion
An interview with Nicholas Daniel, the UK's premier oboe soloist, on the Goossens legacy, and on the individual performances here.

Cuarteto Emispherio

Quartets for oboe & strings

Sarah Roper
Wanhal Quartet in C
Krommer Rondo
Malcolm Arnold
Ferrer Ferran Quartet
Albeniz Tango

Videos, Wanhal and Tango.
"This selection is a delight... characterised by gorgeous sonorities from Sarah Roper, refined string playing and a recorded sound of clear quality." Double Reed News, UK

Extensive background (in English and Spanish) on the genre of the oboe quartet, the composers and the works.
Très Françaix
Chamber Music by
Jean Françaix

Jeremy Polmear
and friends
Variation (No. 4)
Quatuor - V
Sixtuor - I
L'Heure du Berger - III

Videos, Sixtuor - I and Sixtuor - II.
"Delightfully French ... Altogether a most infectious and enjoyable collection."

Contains an essay (in English and French) that addresses the question of how the witty, popular style of 20th Century French wind music came about.
Balkan Bolero
Chamber Music of
Isidora Žebeljan

Borislav Čičovački
(oboe, oboe d'amore,
cor anglais, oboe sopile)
and ensemble
Bride's Song 1
My Tired Footsteps
Wooden Sticks

Videos: Cradle Song, Bacchanal.
"This disc has been a revelation to me... this endlessly talented composer deserves greater exposure."
MusicWeb International

Borislav Čičovački is married to Isidora Žebeljan, and is able to explain in detail not only the compositions on the CD, but her fundamental approach to melody and rhythm.
English Accents
oboe players active in England in the 1950s

with Sidney Sutcliffe,
Léon Goossens,
Terence MacDonagh
and Evelyn Rothwell
Michael Winfield
Terence MacDonagh
John Barnett
Sidney Sutcliffe 1
Sidney Sutcliffe 2

This CD may have you wondering whether
among all the gains in oboe playing since the 1950s, something has also been lost.

The booklet includes an essay by Geoffrey Burgess on the English oboe scene of the 1950s, and a discussion by four oboists of the playing styles and performances represented on the CD.
The World of the Oboe

an introduction to the music, players,
reeds and instruments
(double CD)
"These CDs illustrate perfectly the many qualities of this wonderfully expressive instrument."
Jenny Agutter, Double Reed News (UK)

The download version is single CD length. The booklet includes articles on the history of the oboe, and the making of oboes and reeds.
The French Accent

Original performances of Poulenc, Auric and other French composers
"A sumptuous booklet...
a cornerstone of
both performance and repertoire
and greatly to be welcomed."
MusicWeb International

The booklet includes an essay by Geoffrey Burgess on Paris in the first half of the 20th Century: the milieu that produced this fertile outpouring of French wind writing and playing.
Han de Vries

The Radio Recordings

Nine CDs, a DVD and bonus DVD in a box
"Ten hours to finally give back to the exceptional Han de Vries, jewel of the Dutch oboe school, the place he deserves in our part of the world, alongside his colleague Heinz Holliger."
Diapason Magazine (France)

Alison Teale (cor anglais)
Elizabeth Burley (piano)

Bebop tango
Bozza -

Ritual Fire Dance
Hindemith Sonata
Piazolla -
Nightclub 1960

Valentine -
Sonata no 10

"Alison Teale proves herself a virtuoso of the cor anglais [english horn] in terms of both excitement and poetry."
MusicWeb International
The 'booklet' folds out into a large picture of a cor anglais (english horn) that would grace any wall!
music for oboe,
horn and piano

Jeremy Polmear (oboe)
Stephen Stirling (horn)
Richard Saxel (piano)
Mozart 1
Blanc Romance
Herzogenberg 4
Molbe Air arabe
Basler Voc-Waltz
Damase 1

video (1 of 5) on the making of the CD
"This is one of those surprising niche releases that affords considerable and unalloyed pleasure. The performances in every case are top-notch."
Fanfare Magazine (USA)
The booklet includes previously unavailable material on Molbe, and comments by Jean-Michel Damase on his Trio.
Frozen River Flows
New Noise

Janey Miller (oboe)
Joby Burgess (percussion)
Journey to the End of the Night
Peace for Vayu
Random Girl
Frozen River Flows
Bagatelle 1
"The composers on this fabulous disc range from the absolutely wild to the superbly cool."
Nicholas Daniel
No new information,
but lovely booklet design
and photographs!
Harrison Birtwistle
Orpheus Elegies

Three Bach Arias

Melinda Maxwell (oboe)
Helen Tunstall (harp)
Andrew Watts (c-tenor)
Elegy 15
Elegy 10
Elegy 8
Elegy 22
Elegy 20
Bach Aria II

Videos, Elegy 10
and Elegy 3.
"These vignettes prove to be absolutely compelling."
The Independent
The booklet includes Melinda Maxwell talking to Harrison Birtwistle; an essay on Orpheus and Rilke, the writer of the Sonnets on which these Elegies are based; and the words (in English and German) of the relevant Sonnets.
Oboe music by
Edwin Roxburgh

Paul Goodey
(oboe, oboe d'amore)
Silent Strings
Shadow Play
"The skill of oboist Paul Goodey and pianist Sally Mays is phenomenal."
MusicWeb International
Paul Goodey, the dedicatee of these pieces, writes about them and includes details of the composer's use of multiphonics.
Oboe Divas!

Operatic Duos and Ensembles
from Handel to Wagner

Emily Pailthorpe & Elaine Douvas (oboes)
The Flower Duet
Lucia di Lammermoor
Hans Sachs
The Marriage of Figaro
Eugene Onegin
"This program embodies what I love about opera and music so much."
American Record Guide
The track notes include a description of the operatic moments covered in the music, and comments by Richard Blackford on his Portrait of Hans Sachs.
Britten - Six Metamophoses

George Caird (oboe)
Joy Boughton (oboe)
Nicholas Daniel (oboe)

A study CD and essay in a DVD case
Caird - Pan
Boughton - Pan
Daniel - Pan
Caird - Arethusa
Boughton - Arethusa
Daniel - Arethusa
Caird - Bacchus sketch
"For any oboist, musicologist or Britten fan, George Caird's fascinating and exhaustive investigation into Britten's creative process makes this an
essential guidebook."
Colin Matthews, Britten-Pears Foundation
The 51-page, DVD-size booklet contains 20,000 words about these pieces, including background, literary influences, visual influences, Ovid references, and performance considerations. There are extensive musical examples from Britten's notebooks.
Melodic Lines

Jeremy Polmear (oboe)
Philip Gibbon (bassoon)
Diana Ambache (piano)
Théophile Lalliet
Francis Poulenc
Geoffrey Bush
Madeleine Dring
Richard Stoker
Barbara Thompson

Dring 3rd Movement
"Inspired repertoire, superb sound and exemplary programme notes. Brilliant!"
MusicWeb International
The notes include an essay on Melody by Jeremy Polmear, and interviews with Roderick Swanston (on Geoffrey Bush), Roger Lord (on Madeleine Dring) and Barbara Thompson and Richard Stoker on their own works.
berio & beyond

Christopher Redgate
Luciano Berio
Sam Hayden
Michael Young
Christopher Redgate
Roger Redgate
Michael Finnissy
"This extraordinary disc is a showcase... but while the sounds are compelling, this is intensely meaningful virtuosity."
The Wire
Christopher Redgate writes about the 'new sounds' on the CD, and in detail on each of the works, most of which were written for him.
The Sheba Sound

A double CD of two oboes, bassoon and harpsichord
crossing musical boundaries
Bach Gigue
Daryl Runswick Polka
Here comes the sun
D Matthews Berceuse
J-M Damase Suite
François Couperin
Arrival of...
"Great entertainment - a winner and not just for cross-over children of the seventies and eighties. It's a natural for Christmas or any other season."
MusicWeb International
An extended interview with Catherine Smith, founder of The Sheba Sound, plus interviews with Gordon Langford (The Carnival of Venice and several other arrangements) and David Matthews (Toccatas and Pastorals).
From Leipzig to London

Althea Ifeka (oboe)
Katharine May (harps)

Duo Sonatas from the
18th and 20th Centuries
Bach Little g minor
Bach oboe d'amore
Bach english horn
Gordon Jacob
Elizabeth Maconchy
Stephen Dodgson
Michael Head
"A cleverly designed programme... Althea Ifeka is a superb oboist with a slightly plangent tone that fits well with the harpsichord."
The booklet includes notes (in English and German) on the Leipzig of Bach's time, and the London of the 20th Century, with reminisciences by Lady Evelyn Barbirolli of the English composers on the CD.
The Oboe 1903-1953

A double CD of
historic oboe recordings
C Addimando (1908)
S Sutcliffe (1951)
H de Busscher (1940s)
Léon Goossens (1936)
Bruno Labate (1929)
Louis Bleuzet (1937)
"A salvo of praise to Geoffrey Burgess, whose notes fuse technical,
tonal and expressive analysis in a compact
and articulate way."
MusicWeb International
An essay by oboist and scholar Geoffrey Burgess on the development of recording technology in the early years of the 20th Century, and its effect on both audio quality and recording session techniques.
Janet Craxton

music for oboe and strings
Francis Routh
Nicola LeFanu
Richard Stoker
Elizabeth Maconchy
Lennox Berkeley
Elisabeth Lutyens
"This enterprising compilation should not be missed by any connoisseur of the instrument and deserves
every possible success."
For copyright reasons this music is not available on the net. The booklet contains interviews with Francis Routh, Nicola LeFanu, Richard Stoker, Nicholas Daniel and Anthony Burton, with comments from Elisabeth Lutyens on Driving out the Death.
Ready, Steady, Blow!

music for beginner oboists

[the sheet music must be purchased separately]
Pastime Henry VIII
Purcell Air
I Got Rhythm
Michael Head
"What a brilliant idea! Well played and beautifully produced, thuis CD is great for inspiring people to carry on
or even take up the oboe."
Nicholas Daniel
The booklet includes the stories of the four post-
Graduate students who play on the tracks - how they first got interested in the oboe, the encouragements and obstacles they encountered, and the kind of careers they envisage for themselves.
An English Renaissance

Music for oboe and strings inspired by Léon Goossens
"This is much more than a CD for oboe addicts. The essence... is exactly what the title promises. This is for music lovers of all kinds." Musical Opinion The booklet includes an
essay by Professor George
Caird (in English, French and
German) on the 'Magnificent
Seven' works for oboe and
strings that Goossens
inspired. (The other two are on
Though Lovers be Lost

Emily Pailthorpe plays music shadowing the two world wars
Tombeau de Couperin
Eugène Goossens
"The Jacqueline du Pré
of the oboe."
Gillet Competition Jury
Emily Pailthorpe writes about
the period that produced this
powerful music, with particular
detail about Britten's Temporal
. (Notes in English,
French and German.)
the oboe in Mozart chamber music

Jeremy Polmear

Ambache Chamber Ensemble
Quartet K370
Quintet K617
Adagio K580a
Sonata K376
Quintet K452
"A must for oboe-philes;
a rare treat for Mozartians."
The Observer
Track notes in English,
French and German.

Christopher Redgate plays Operatic Fantasias by Antonio Pasculli,
'the Paganini of the oboe'
Study - Le Api
Sicilian Vespers
Les Hugenots
La Favorita
"A disc to open the ears
of all oboists, and to entertain and astonish less specialist music-lovers."
BBC Music Magazine
The booklet includes an
essay (in English, French
and German) by Christopher
Redgate on the virtuoso
composer/oboist Antonio
Rare Goossens

Historic recordings of Léon Goossens previously unavailable
on CD
Danny Boy
"Historic recordings of Léon Goossens,
a great oboist caught in his prime."
The notes are by Goossens
expert the late Melvyn Harris
(in English, French and
German); the photographs are
of the young man-about-town
Goossens who made these
recordings, not the benign old
gent normally portrayed today.
The art of
Han de Vries

Concertos spanning two decades from an international career
Bach oboe & violin
"The doyen of Dutch oboists is heard to great advantage."
BBC Music Magazine
The booklet includes an
interview (in English, French
and German) with Han de
Vries about making these
New Ground

Paul Goodey in première recordings of music by
Fitkin, Goodey, McDowall, Oliva, Roxburgh, Salter and Sutton-Anderson
"Paul Goodey is a persuasive advocate
for an engaging selection
of contemporary music."
BBC Music Magazine
The booklet includes the
words (in English, French and
German) of Christie
Dickason's poem White Fox
, the setting for Cecilia
McDowall's Fox Woman.
Robert & Clara Schumann

Jeremy Polmear (oboe,
cor anglais/english horn)
Diana Ambache (piano)
Robert 1st Romance
Clara 1st Romance
Robert Adagio & Allegro
Robert Stücke im Volkston
"Jeremy Polmear is ideal for these kinds of pieces because his playing is so controlled. The sound he produces varies from the softest, most delicate tones to more powerfully evocative sonorities."
Fanfare Magazine (USA)
The booklet notes are in
English, French and German;
many session photographs.
Baroque Spirit

la fontaine playing on period instruments
Telemann Presto
Telemann Triosonata
Pla brothers
"... exuberant... including a startlingly showy Trio Sonata by the
Catalan Pla brothers."
BBC Music Magazine
For copyright reasons these
tracks are not available on the
net. The notes are in English,
French and German.

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