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Leon Goossens by June Mendoza

Domenico Cimarosa, arr. Benjamin: Concerto in C for oboe and strings
Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Dr Malcolm Sargent (1943)
Introduction - Allegro - Siciliana - Allegro giusto

J S Bach, arr. Whittaker: Sinfonia from the Easter Oratorio
Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Dr Malcolm Sargent (1943)

Jean Baptiste Senaillé, arr. Moffat: Cotillon
Gabriel Pierné: Aubade
Trad, arr. Hughes: Irish Song
Alec Templeton: Scherzo Caprice
all with Gerald Moore (piano) (1961, stereo)

Eugene Goossens: Concerto for oboe in one movement
Philharmonia Orchestra, conductor Walter Susskind (1948)

J S Bach, arr. Thalben-Ball: Jesu, joy of man's desiring
Temple Church Choir, Dr George Thalben-Ball (organ) (1961, stereo)

Desmond MacMahon: Oboe concerto, 3rd movement
BBC Midland Light Orchestra, conductor probably Gilbert Vinter (1953)

Richard Strauss: Oboe Concerto
Philharmonia Orchestra, conductor Alceo Galliera (1947)
Allegro moderato - Andante - Vivace-Allegro

Total Time 66:35

These are new transcriptions of Goossens favourites that had disappeared from the catalogues, plus tracks not previously available on CD.

There are also two bonus tracks on YouTube: Jig & Where'er you walk.

Booklet Notes
The 16-page booklet has an extended interview with the UK's most prominant oboe soloist, Nicholas Daniel. In it he speaks of the Goossens legacy, connections between Goossens' career as a soloist and his own, and on the individual performances on the album.
Click the photo for a PDF of the complete booklet:

Leon Goossens

Media Comment
"Great Goossens, it's called - quite right too!"
Andrew McGregor, BBC Record Review

"I cannot praise this CD highly enough. It is a great retrospective of one of the finest oboists of the twentieth century. The programme is well-balanced between serious and lighter pieces. The re-mastering of the original records has made it a pleasure to recapture Goossens' style and masterly technique."
John France, MusicWeb International

"The recordings on this disc are truly legendary... the result is artistry of incomparable quality, well transferred on this well-filled CD."
Robert Matthew-Walker, Musical Opinion

"Not all oboe playing - even good oboe playing - moves me, perhaps because I know how it is done. But Goossens on this album does move me, because I can always feel real human expression behind everything he does.

"Mixing orchestral pieces with smaller works for oboe and piano wouldn't work in a contemporary album, but it does here - the smaller pieces seem to be a distillation of Goossens' art. Some of the music is almost children's music, but it is always played with honesty. If you look at photos of Goossens he looks very masculine, but in these shorter pieces he emphasises his sensitive side." Han de Vries, Double Reed News (UK)

Listener Comment
"I am SO glad you included the Strauss. It is a wonderful piece and is the only one I ever heard my father learning."
Jennie Goossens, UK. Elsewhere, Jennie has said that her father never brought 'work' home, so this concerto obviously required extra practice. Jennie writes about her father here.

"I listened to the CD several times last night and much enjoyed it. Goossens' playing is quite special and I hadn't really heard it before. The Gerald Moore accompaniments were lovely. Nick Daniel's interview and commentary are terrific. The Strauss was fascinating - the cadenzas, as Nick says, are indeed stunning and the last movement tempi quite unusual."
Michael Gwinnell, UK

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